Trust is a fundamental value in health - Video from HiNZ 2016

HiNZ 2016Whānau Tahi is focussed on bringing this value to its joined up health and social care solutions which leverage Whānau Ora principles to create Wai Ora (healthy families) where you & I as individuals are placed at the centre of care.

Our value based approach to integrating care is based on our mission to enable Whānau-centric self-directed care for transformative and generational Whānau change. From a Whānau perspective, this means ownership of their journey toward aspirational and overall well-being, leading to significantly better Whānau and stakeholder engagement and sustainable outcomes. From a service provider perspective, this means helping health and social service providers transform the way they support their clients and Whānau to achieve long-term, sustainable outcomes.

In a very real way, we provide a seamless “end to end” ecosystem for Whānau and Caregivers from Primary and Secondary Care, across the various Community Services sectors through to Marae and Whānau.

HiNZ 2016

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Our stand at HiNZ looked at our person/whanau centred shared and measured outcomes framework and showed how we measure social value and the unique yet proven solutions we can bring to your community to improve health and social well-being.

Case Study by Daymon Nin - Whānau Tahi Professional Services Manager

Jo-Ann Jacobson - Introducing Whānau Tahi's Valued Clients

Andrew Miller - GP Whangarei

Darren Douglas - Deputy Direction eHealth Tech Digital Services

Daymon Nin on removing barriers

Diana Siew Callaghan Innovation

Dr Murray Milner Chair National Health IT Board Ministry of Health

Gabe Rijpm  - Microsoft

Graeme Dyer- ACC Head Provider Services Delivery

Ian Blackburn - CIO Tui Ora Health

Lord Nigel Crisp - UK House of Lords

Robbie Hannon - Pharmacist

Scott Arrol CEO NZHit