Whānau Tahi releases v4.2 with inter-provider messaging for virtual care teams

Health IT firm Whānau Tahi has released version 4.2 of its Connected Care platform, featuring secure inter-provider messaging for care teams and access to completed InterRAI assessments for over 65s.

Whānau Tahi is a subsidiary of Auckland-based health provider the Waipareira Trust. Last year, it bought the assets of shared care plan provider HSAGlobal, which marketed the Connected Care Management Solution (CCMS) used for over 160,000 patients in New Zealand, Australia and Singapore with chronic and complex needs.

Now rebranded as Whānau Tahi Connected Care (WTCC), the new version of the platform, released this week, has a range of new features including a simpler interface, secure inter-provider messaging that the company says will simplify communication between integrated care team members across multiple care settings and organisations, and access to completed InterRAI assessments to support care planning.

WTCC provides a single, secure shared plan and record built around client and whanau (extended family) needs that is accessible by all approved service coordinators and service providers. It is provided as a service on a subscription model.

WTCC users can now securely send and receive messages with individuals or groups across settings of care with one click. The idea is to boost ability collaboration and communication between care team members on non-urgent questions while minimising interruptions from phone calls and voice mail.

Being able to update the patient's extended care team and ensuring that everyone has access to the same information in a timely manner is essential for integrated care, according to Lucy Hall of the integrated care team at Counties Manukau Health in South Auckland.

“The latest WTCC enhancements make this easier to do, for example, for a pharmacist to advise the GP that the patient has difficulty managing the current medication regime and it may be appropriate to try a blister pack system, or for a GP to notify the whole care team that a change in their patient’s support network is being reviewed by the local needs assessment team,” she said.

NZ care team members can also now view a PDF summary of InterRAI assessments to inform and support a patient’s care planning. InterRAI assessments are compulsory for patients over 65 in New Zealand.

Whānau Tahi business development manager Matt Hector-Taylor of Whānau Tahi said WTCC allowed registered users to create cross-service virtual teams which support ‘joined-up’ health and social care.

“Being able to send and receive messages, task requests and scheduling securely from the one in-box reduces reliance on productivity-sapping voicemail and phone calls, encouraging more proactive communications,” Mr Hector-Taylor said.
In Australia, WTCC is used by Primary Health Networks (PHNs) for Access to Allied Psychological Services (ATAPS) and Partners in Recovery mental health programs.

Source: PulseITMagazine