Collective Impact Alliances to support reduction of Obesity in children

Rates of childhood obesity dropping, but adults continue to tip the scale

Whilst obesity targets for children appear to have dropped by a significant 2% in the years 2015 - 2016 the data is unable to tell us the changes in behaviour and or activities of this cohort of children for us to focus on or to consolidate for further wellbeing gains.

Perhaps now is the time to release the power of the data available in the B4 Schools Checks data set held by the MoH as its Custodian, and to share this with other systems such as Whānau ora’s social plan which captures and measures tamariki aspirations for well-being in a whānau centred and supported approach.

This could include

‘Measuring the quality of school practices around food, physical education and active play which would tell us what goes on where children spend a large chunk of their day, ...........and this is just the beginning!