Putting Whānau in the Driving Seat

Whānau Tahi Connected Care is a keyICT enabler to the Counties Manukau Health, Ko Awatea Planned Proactive Care programme, a key work stream of the Manāaki Hauora programme “enabling whānau self-management”.

Manāaki Hauora incorporates a collection of workstreams focused on building capacity and capability in individuals with long term conditions to play an active role in their care (as a key member of their care team) where their aspirations are given top priority.

The Manāaki Hauora programme evidences:

“Self-management support can improve quality of life, clinical outcomes, and self-confidence for people with long-term physical and mental health conditions.

Helping people to manage their own health has benefit for individual clinicians and healthcare teams, as well as for patients and health care organisations.

Self-management support also represents better value for health care providers than the traditional disease-focused approach to care."

The Whānau Tahi platform supports practitioners, professionals and community workers from Health, Iwi, and Social Services sectors (Education, Housing, MBIE, Justice) to collaborate around a single whānau-centric personalised plan, to help and support whānau ‘get well, live well, stay well’ and become self-determining in all aspects of their physical, spiritual and economic well-being no matter what their circumstance or age, all with an eye on quantifying the ‘social return on investment’.

Whānau Tahi is considered by the ‘International Foundation for Integrated Care’ to be a pioneer in combining health and social information connecting whānau, providers, and funders to enable and empower whānau-centric, self-directed care for transformative, aspirational and generational whānau change.

Whānau Tahi continues to focus on R&D to further develop its consumer portal, to put whānau in the driving seat enabling whānau to pro-actively manage their wellbeing from anywhere using any internet enabled device.

‘Ma te huruhuru ka rere te manu’ (‘Without feathers the bird can’t fly’)

Ko Awatea Manāaki Hauora programme – SupportingWellness – ‘enabling whānau self-management’