Empowering Change and Care

Products & Services

We specialise in solutions for enabling connected care, that reduce the impact of the heaviest users on the healthcare system and drive better patient/whānau outcomes.

We do this by combining our experience and expertise with our purpose-built connected care software platform, Whānau Tahi Connected Care.

Whānau Tahi Connected Care

To meet the specific and unique requirements for connecting health and social care providers we have developed Whānau Tahi Connected Care, a software platform that enables planning and collaboration, workflow, KPI reporting and data collection.

Platform Services

We offer a range of ways to make IT simple when it comes to installing, integrating and managing Whānau Tahi Connected Care.

Consultancy Services

We provide consultancy services to help you figure out what connected care means for your organisation, and offer active support in every stage of the transition to connected care.