Empowering Change and Care

Whānau Tahi Connected Care

We deliver change through our purpose-built connected care software platform, Whānau Tahi Connected Care. Our platform works with existing IT systems and across boundaries, including in patient/whānau homes.

Whānau Tahi Connected Care can be extended to different services, products and target groups and is available installed or as-a-service. Our connected care platform roadmap is driven by clinical and user feedback, meaning you benefit from the experience of other leading connected care providers.

Whānau Tahi Connected Care Core Components

  • Planning and Collaboration
  • Workflows
  • KPIs and Data Collection

Whānau Tahi Connected Care Modules

  • Patient/whānau - clinician/care provider interaction, including a portal for patients and whānau to view their information
  • Record Locator Service to view WTCC records in an existing system
  • Reporting and Compliance
  • Advance Care Plans
  • Acute / Exacerbation Plans
  • Service Coordination and Service Delivery

Our software is based on familiar and fast-to-learn Microsoft user interfaces, and built with Microsoft technologies, including Windows Server, IIS, SQL Server and ASP.net.

Our licensing model encourages multiple providers and programmes to join the platform, supporting connected care initiatives.