Empowering Change and Care

Consultancy Services

Whānau-centric Self-directed change and care is about new ways of working. A robust, multi-layered and comprehensive change management process is essential for success

We partner with our clients to provide a range of services that can help them achieve their goals. These include:

  • Outcomes Measurement and Practice
  • Research and Evaluation
  • Data Analytics and Intelligence
  • Visioning and programme establishment
  • Service and model of care design support
  • Education and professional development (Whānau Tahi has certified education capability for Social Workers)
  • Organisational transformation and change management
  • Programme management support

Organisational health and social care transformation is reliant on a number of factors:

  • Clear vision, outcomes and goals – understood and committed to by stakeholders
  • Service model redesign (intervention logic) – interventions to support the goals
  • Operationalising outcomes theory and practice
  • Funding and contracting models – commissioning and capital allocation that drives the right behaviour to achieve the goals and outcomes
  • People at the “coal face” – knowing what they have to do and having the right skills and support
  • Leadership and governance – at all levels of the “system”
  • Feedback on performance – KPI’s and measures
  • IT enablement – to support strong linkages within a Whānau plan
  • Recognition of the “transformation” requirement and funding to make the change