Empowering Change and Care

Enabling Whānau in their Journey of Care and Well-being

The Whānau Tahi software platform is a purpose-built solution, designed to support “connected care” between primary, secondary and community health and social service providers and the Whānau they support.

The Whānau Tahi platform:

  • Integrates a geographically and service dispersed team around a Whānau plan
  • Supports the multi-disciplinary assessment, case planning and management model on-line with the actual care plan and record
  • Engages the Whānau and drives co-ordinated care among cross-sector providers and relevant agencies to enable “self-management ” It provides powerful reporting at individual patient, clinical (trends, assessments, care plans), staff workload (including travel and contact time per patient) and population basis
  • Integrates into existing systems and workflow of secondary and primary team members and the wider community health and support services

A range of other technical and implementation services are available to help customers establish and operate a “joined up” health and social care “ecosystem”.

With a focus on Whānau-centric and Self-directed care, we've helped health and social service providers around the world to support:

  • Collective Impact
  • Contract Management
  • Co-ordinated Service Delivery
  • Delivery of Complex Care in the Community
  • Enhanced Quality
  • Kaiarahi (Navigator) services
  • Management of Acute Demand
  • Medications Adherence
  • Early Discharge from Hospital
  • Whānau Direct Programmes
  • Whānau Planning and Self-Management